Calvary Cafe'


In our fast paced lifestyles we often neglect to take a few minutes to say hello, to share a cup of coffee, or maybe even just to sit and talk with friends - both old and new. We rush to make it to church on time, barely plopping into the seats before the worship music starts. After the service we find ourselves in a rush to get to the most popular eating-place "before the rush hits!

The Café was developed in an effort to promote fellowship among believers, to give a reason to take time out for others, a place to grab a quick cup of coffee or juice and maybe even a donut or a meal too!

The Café provides a place of fellowship with other members of the congregation over a meal after the second service. While the ministry centers on food, the focus is on the fellowship of fellow believers.

The Café also oversees food service to a variety of other Calvary ministries such as the Family Fall Festival, Church Baptism and Church BBQs. Ministry opportunities include assisting with the planning of meals, preparation, serving, set-up and clean up.

Our coffee shop,"Grounded" serves a variety of hot, over ice and ice blended specialty coffees, as well as drip coffee, smoothies, soda, tea, and children drinks after the service.

The Café is an excellent place to enjoy fellowship in a team ministry while meeting and serving a large number of people.